Best real estate agent website: Website & web design instead of an advertising agency

Your own website? For many real estate agents this sounds like a lot of effort or even an expensive advertising agency. There are many (almost) free alternatives that you can use to build your own online presence for your real estate listings. This includes, for example, content management systems such as WordPress but also providers such as Jimdo. If you want 100% flexibility and have some interest, you can create your own web designs with so-called WordPress templates. Today we present the Top 5 Real Estate Themes!

Owner site make instead of advertising agency: That’s it!

Today we present you cost-effective webdesigns for WordPress. For 50-70$ you can get templates from the supplier Themeforest as far as possible. Themeforest is an online provider where authors (developers) provide almost finished templates. You can then install it in WordPress and you have a chic website with many functions. As a real estate agency you can even set up your own real estate portal!

What is a WordPress Blog?

WordPress is the most popular content management system worldwide. With him you can be an operator of a website:

  • Create, edit and of course delete blog posts and pages
  • Upload and manage media
  • Extensions (plug-ins) can be used to create more complex articles (as well as real estate advertisements)
  • Payment functions as well as advanced searches or integration of maps (as in the example below)
  • and much more

Perfect Jimdo Estate Agent Alternative

The perfect Jimdo Real estate agent alternative for every real estate agent who wants to design his website and his advertisements himself. But what is Jimdo? At Jimdo you can create your own website with just a few clicks. Also photo upload, logo placement, everything takes over the online tool.

Search engine and photo optimization

What is very important for a website in the real estate sector are search engine optimization and photo optimization. Both are closely related, because one of the important ranking factors is the loading time of a page. If your competitors‘ portals take 3 seconds to load content, but your site takes 15 seconds, then you will always be placed below the portals. There are many other factors at loading time:

  • Content quality – quantity and content of texts and high-quality content
  • OnPage factors – keyword in title, H1, H2, H3, etc.
  • Content Updates – Google loves content that is updated regularly
  • Duplicate Content – Never use content 2x (identical content does not rank)
  • Relevant terms – Beside the main keyword there are many more that result in a total framing
  • User Experience – How long do visitors stay on your site?
  • Uvm.

Top 5 webdesigns for real estate agents

After a short introduction to the topic of websites with WordPress or online tools like Jimdo, we now come to the top themes that we found in our research.

Real Estate 7 – Turnkey design for real estate agents

Here you get everything you need. Listings for own real estate advertisements but also complete integration of payment systems. So you can not only build your own real estate site, even your own real estate portal is possible. The basic features, however, deal with the fact that you can create meaningful blog posts (search engine optimization) and own advertisements of houses and apartments.

Here are some screenshots of the design:

Webdesign: Real Estate 7

MyHome: 95% buyer satisfaction – Tip!

MyHome comes with ready-made 6 demos and everything a modern real estate portal needs. With 95% satisfaction and a 5 out of 5 star rating, most buyers who already use the theme are extremely satisfied! And don’t worry, there are so many brokers and cities, you won’t notice if a theme is used twice or three times. In addition, the WordPress theme can still be fully customized, so as a broker office you can also adopt your own corporate identity. Pratktisch!

Here are some screenshots of the design:

Webdesign: How MyHome looks live


Houzez: The real estate portal with simple design

If you like demos, you can install demos for all these themes with just one click. So you can quickly and easily see how a system is structured. So you don’t need an advertising agency and theoretically you can rebuild everything step by step. As a broker, you quickly become your own webmaster. Even smarter: Work in a young real estate agent directly, as a „Digital Native“ you often already know your way around, good with new media. Our recommendation for a simple installation.

Of course, there are many other functions, such as an „Advanced Search“, but also „Price Tables“ and of course you can create different agents, with which your visitors can contact directly.

Here are some screenshots of the design:

Webdesign: Houzez in detail

Zoacres – SEO optimized and customizable in all colors

Chic, elegant and ready for search engine optimization. The Theme Zoacrea comes directly with all the features you could wish for as a real estate agent for your own website. Minimal in design but nevertheless with all information, also directly in the overview of real estate. Small icons such as beds or bathrooms make it very easy for visitors to find the right property! Well done and therefore earned in our list of recommendations.

Here are some screenshots of the design:

Webdesign: Zoacres Online Portal

Reality – Multifunction and large photos

As is well known, the eye always eats with us. That’s why there are mostly big photos here in reality – so that the real estate offers look perfect. Due to the fullscreen view, the web design looks very tidy and neat, an advertising agency couldn’t have done it better. With over 10 ready-made design drafts, you can click together the perfect website right from the start. It can be as simple as that to show your presence as a broker, whether in Frankfurt am Main, Mainz or even in the big city of Berlin.

Our last look at the design of the theme, here are some screenshots of the template:

Webdesign: Real Estate 7

Advertising Agency Real Estate Agent: Lead Generator Real Estate