Electricity comparison: Saving electricity, time & money – The biggest energy consumers in the household

Saving electricity is becoming increasingly important. Energy consumption in particular is responsible for high costs. If prices continue to rise, it is worth taking a closer look at the large amount of energy consumed. Of course, you can save a lot of money by changing your electricity provider, but you can also do a lot in everyday life to reduce your electricity bill. If you want to avoid high electricity costs, here are the most important tips at a glance! This saves you electricity and money.

The largest energy consumers with the highest savings potential

High electricity costs are caused by a lot of points, there are a lot of consumers in the household and of course a lot of household appliances which are permanently in standby mode. In many households, devices such as notebooks run permanently. Some let the heating run for 24 hours and still others buy devices that are too big. Before we start with the most important energy saving tips, we would like to give you an overview of the biggest energy wasters. On the one hand there are the household appliances, which one finds in every flat and naturally also in every house.

Inefficient large household appliances provide high electricity costs

In the beginning one would always think that it is now probably a matter of owning and buying the most energy-efficient appliances. Often it is just a matter of considering the size. Do we really need the XXXL stove? Even the smallest pizza consumes a lot of electricity. Although we don’t have the energy consumption of the stove or the stove directly in mind when buying a kitchen, the purchase is mostly about beauty and pleasure, it is often the little things in life. Because even small things can change a lot. There are very simple examples, for example the toaster for four toasts. Many people use an electric cooker, which often consumes a lot of electricity. Refrigerators in XXL or freezers with hundredweight of meat and food supplies. Everyone has appliances in the household that are oversized and leads to too much power consumption when using them.

Therefore, when buying new appliances, no matter whether for the kitchen, bathroom, living room or outdoor area, consider that the larger the electronic appliances are, the higher the electricity consumption and, ultimately, the higher the electricity costs! Therefore, compare different possibilities in advance and consider which capacities you really need in everyday life. Especially for household appliances with frequent use, such a minimization is worthwhile.

Avoid standby consumption: switch off electrical devices completely

You will now probably like many say standby mode? I know you do! Nevertheless, one of the biggest energy wasters to date is the standby mode for devices. Whether it’s the TV set or the coffee machine. Many household appliances are permanently in standby mode. Of course, we can understand that switching off the power strips every evening takes a lot of time and is of course also uncomfortable, because one or the other plug is located on the floor, next to the skirting board. Therefore here is our ultimate practical tip!

Saving money with wireless switches: never again standby

In many electronics stores but also in DIY stores you can buy electronic radio links, in which they switch off with a small remote control separately plug for plug. The big advantage is that you don’t have to bend down for a power strip, nor do you have to walk around the house or apartment to deactivate the individual standby modes. All you have to do is grab your remote and you can turn off every single plug.

How to set up your wireless switch

After purchasing your radio link, proceed as follows to set up the remote control. What’s the big advantage? When you get up in the morning, you can activate all your electronic devices at the touch of a button, or just a few at the touch of a button. The respective assigned receiver registers the pressure and as with the power line.

How to set up your radio receiver at the power outlet:

  • Remove the radio link and remote control from the packaging
  • Plug the small receivers into their socket
  • Immediately after plugging in, press a button on the remote control, usually A, B, C and D or „On“ and „Off“. Press in the „On“ bar e.g. A
  • Now the receiver is connected to the two buttons A, each for switching on and off ( On / Off )
  • Plug your plug into the integrated adapter, for lamp, notebook or TV

Recommendation: switch off power with radio – test winner

As an editor, I naturally tested which products really made sense. For me, this is the clear test winner, because the radio link is easy to set up and keeps its promises. The price-performance ratio is therefore perfect and this radio link is our test winner for simply switching off devices at home and at work. While you are sleeping or not on site, you can switch off your devices with a simple push of a button. This way you no longer consume power in standby mode.

Fridge, dishwasher and washing machine: only in Eco mode really efficient

Everybody knows it from home! After the big family dinner, come the big dishes! Even in every single household, a small mountain accumulates quickly, which of course has to be washed. Crockery such as plates, cups or pots as well as dirty laundry in the washing machine. But those who throw their dirty laundry into the washing machine just like that risk a high power consumption!

But why is the Eco and Eco program so important for saving electricity? Most of the dirt, whether on the laundry or on the dishes, is usually only of light form. These slight impurities usually do not require the intensive programs of washing machines and dishwashers. Usually, eco programs are sufficient for a complete and clean cleaning.

  • Make sure during the wash cycle that you use the integrated eco programs
  • Dishes and laundry are washed at lower temperatures
  • The runtime of the individual rinsing programs is significantly shorter
  • So you save directly 50% of the time and additionally 20,30% of the energy, that through shorter and less energy-intensive programs

In the study: Set to laptop instead of PC

Many still have it at home, the good old computer. As all areas of society become more and more dependent on working with computers, the PC is used more and more. Not only that you need your own computer for work or research or just to read news, more and more computers are used to stream movies and series. This means that computers are no longer only used to write letters, edit e-mails or graphics. Many use the computer privately as a medium for entertainment.

New computers and notebooks can save a lot of energy. Not only do they require less power for the fan, they also provide more power with higher energy efficiency. That’s why it’s worth replacing your computer with a modern notebook, especially if you have an older model at home.

Current comparison

We have here the best comparison sites for you, with a smart search you can find the perfect power supplier for your needs. No matter how many square meters your apartment has, 80 square meters, 120 square meters or even 200 square meters. Of course, not only the size of the apartment plays a role, but also the number of residents. Do you live alone in a single household or do you live together with your family? All this influences the price of electricity.

Here are our three recommendations for comparison portals. Here you can easily and conveniently enter the different variables to find the perfect provider for your household!