Increase customer satisfaction: New customers and regular customers – Starting your own business

Increase customer satisfaction – How can you satisfy your customers with the product? How can you also make them happy through subsequent services so that they become returning buyers and/or users?

Increase customer satisfaction: New and regular customers

Here you can basically distinguish between two areas, the creation of services and the creation of products. Let’s first look at how to make customers happy with products.

products: Quality, design and reliability

In principle, you can divide products into three categories. Low-price, medium-price and high-price products. The requirements and wishes and demands of the customers vary according to the different. For products with low price levels, design and material are of course negligible. The situation is completely different with high-priced products, where the customer pays attention to every detail. The seam on the garment, the missing button, the filter function in the software, the upgrading through applications and the processing of precious metals on the jewelry. Depending on that you have to align your business plan.

All in all, the following aspects play a central role when it comes to your product and customer satisfaction:

  1. Design
  2. higher quality
  3. better material
  4. modern colors
  5. high reliability
  6. etc.

Services: Ratings, delivery and availability

Services live on the product, no matter if yoga class or social media marketing consulting and on the service culture. It begins with the first telephone call and a friendly welcome, as well as answering central questions and ends with punctual delivery. In addition, there is long-term customer care, e.g. through loyalty points or the company’s own social media community. Again, there are differences between low-priced products and high-priced products.

In the case of low-price products, detailed advice is usually not part of the range of services. The situation is quite different with high-priced products in the service sector, where a lot of time is often invested in advance. As with the social media marketing consulting mentioned above, as well as with the real estate agent who usually invests days of time until a business emerges or not.

All these aspects also play a role in your business plan, what is your industry standard and what makes your service special?

  1. Customer service before / after the purchase
  2. punctual delivery
  3. etc.

Guideline: Setting up your own business & business plan

You want to start your own business as a real estate agent or with another business idea? We support you with tips on your business plan and concept. Whether self-employed full-time or part-time self-employed: If you want to set up your own company, you have to think about a lot, in advance and in the operative business. From the right idea to health insurance – what needs to be considered if you want to become self-employed?

There is no training or further education for entrepreneurs. Managing director is you or not. Your own ambition is always important, because this is the only way to improve, every day.

The topics at a glance:

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