New construction of houses and apartments

The construction industry has been enjoying the good economic situation for years, and so there are construction projects everywhere in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate that are purposefully implemented to create new living space. A distinction is made between new buildings commissioned by a builder for his own use and those planned by a developer and sold after completion. This area also includes residential construction. Newly built houses and apartments are very popular with buyers and tenants. As a result, demand is generally high and many construction projects can be sold or leased immediately after completion. If you would like to sell a plot of land that has been designated as building land, you are welcome to contact us. We support you with various sales services and stand by you with many years of experience.

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Overview of different types of new buildings

New construction projects can be planned in different ways. Planning is always determined by demand. Particularly in the case of new construction projects that serve to build up capital, various analyses are carried out in advance to determine requirements. The construction of a detached house by a builder who would like to live in the house himself afterwards is somewhat different. Here the demand is already determined before the start of the construction project.

Planning of a single-family house by a private builder

As a rule, private builders plan to build a new house in order to live in the house themselves after completion. Detached detached houses are very popular. These will be built on a plot of land already owned by the client. Many building owners take over the planning of their house on their own. There are many ways to build your own home.

The prefabricated house

Prefabricated houses are very popular due to their short construction time. As the name suggests, the houses are assembled from finished elements according to a modular system. Windows and doors are often already integrated in the prefabricated elements. The roof truss is also pre-assembled. The topping-out ceremony can often be celebrated after one to three days. Moving in is possible from six weeks after the start of construction. Sometimes, however, several months elapse. The time required for completion depends on various factors. This includes, above all, special requests which the client would like to have implemented and which change the schedule.
Compared to other building models, prefabricated houses are very cheap, but not so robust. Also there are only limited possibilities to change the floor plan and to bring in your own wishes.

Classical stone on stone construction

Many builders decide to have their homes built in the classic way. The stones are no longer bricked, but glued. This ensures a high robustness of the construction. The construction method gives the client the possibility to change the floor plan according to his wishes and ideas. The result is a house that exactly meets the wishes of the client. The advantages lie in the higher individuality of the construction project. Classically constructed houses are more expensive than prefabricated houses, and the construction time is significantly longer. The client chooses a model of his choice from various catalogues and adapts it to his wishes. There are many different models to choose from.

The Architect’s House

This is, so to speak, the king class of building. The client commissions an architect to design a house according to the individual ideas of the future owner. All conceivable layouts and variants are possible. The advantage of this solution is that the client gets a house that exactly meets his expectations. However, it is the most expensive type of construction and the time required is higher than for other construction projects due to the long planning phase.

Planning of a detached house by a construction company

As an alternative to the individual planning of a single house, there are a number of construction projects that are planned by a construction company. The construction company buys land for the construction of one or more objects, which are handed over to the new owner after completion. This form of new construction is very popular with buyers who are looking for a turnkey newly built home but do not want to spend much time on planning.

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Free standing single family houses

Single-family houses with surrounding land are often built by a corporation within the scope of larger construction projects. After completion, the properties can be rented or sold. As a rule, the company acquires a large plot of land. This is divided into plots and cultivated. In this way, new residential areas are often created on the outskirts of larger cities, which enjoy great popularity due to their quiet location.

Row and semi-detached houses

Terraced and semi-detached houses are often built on a large joint plot of land on behalf of corporations. The property can be divided. Alternatively, the future owners acquire a co-ownership share in the property. If the plots are for sale, the buyer can decide to purchase the house before the start of the construction phase. In this case he has the possibility to influence the equipment. If the house has already been built, influence is no longer possible.


Residential construction in Hesse and Rhineland-Rhineland-Palatinate is currently experiencing a high level of economic activity. There is a particular demand for small and medium-sized apartments with good transport connections. New apartments with first-time occupancy are equally popular with tenants and buyers, so that many apartments can be let on a long-term basis immediately after completion.

Important aspects of planning a new building

The planning of a new building should always be carried out with great care. There are many aspects to consider. Above all, it is important that the costs remain within the planned framework. The energy efficiency requirements must also be taken into account. Strict regulations apply to newly built houses and apartments. A modern, energy-efficient heating system combined with solar thermal energy for the preparation of hot water is just as much a requirement as the installation of fire detectors in all rooms. The masonry, the windows and doors, but also the cellar, must be sealed so that the heat generated in the house cannot escape to the outside. After completion, each house receives an energy certificate. If the strict conditions are not fulfilled, a reworking is necessary in order to achieve acceptance of the building.

A word on cost

The costs for the new construction of a detached house depend strongly on the size and the equipment. It must also be taken into account whether you already own a property or whether you have to make an additional investment. If you are willing to provide your own services, you can significantly reduce the costs for interior work.
You get prefabricated houses ready for occupancy already under 100.000 EUR. The equipment is modern, but high-quality elements are missing. The average cost of building a home in the region is between EUR 350,000 and EUR 500,000. For this money you get a home of your own with a size between 120 sqm and 160 sqm. A cellar and a garage cost extra, while a carport and the basic garden design with paths, lawn and some plants are already included. You will not be able to purchase a detached home of your own with turnkey equipment at a much lower price. The price range is open towards the top and strongly dependent on your wishes and ideas, but also on your financial possibilities.


The new construction of houses and apartments is experiencing a real boom due to the high economy, but also the high demand in many regions of Hesse and the Palatinate. New houses and apartments are in great demand for first-time occupancy. This is due to the modern equipment, but also to the low energy consumption in new houses and apartments. Strict energy efficiency regulations result in lower consumption, so that the costs of heating and hot water are much lower than in older flats and houses that have not yet been renovated. If you are interested in a new building and would like to purchase an appropriate property in the region, we will be happy to advise you. You can reach us by telephone to make an appointment during our business hours. We look forward to hearing from you.

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