Save money: Cheap travel by car, taxi and bicycle

Those who want to save money on transport do not have to use public transport directly. Of course these are a cheaper alternative to the car, but we have compiled a few tips below on how you can save money not only by doing without the car, but also with the car itself.

Use public transport

Have you ever thought about using public transport instead of the car? Especially in big cities like Cologne or Berlin, it is often difficult to find a parking space in the immediate vicinity of the workplace. In many cities it is therefore advisable to use public transport. This not only has the advantage that the network of buses and trains is usually huge, but also that you can save a lot of money.

Monthly or annual tickets

So if you regularly use public transport, you could also think about a monthly or annual pass. Here you can save a lot of money and you can use it at any time, day or night.

Riding more bikes – Healthy and environmentally conscious

Riding a bicycle is not only good for the environment, but also for your health. If you don’t have a car or use public transport for any other reason and don’t have a monthly ticket or something similar, it will be quite expensive for you in the long run. The bicycle, on the other hand, offers an inexpensive alternative.

Benefits of cycling

  • arrive quickly at your destination, as there is neither rush hour nor traffic jam
  • Can still comfortably do the weekly shopping with the bike basket
  • Flexibility, because you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space
  • Save a lot of money easily and do something for your health

Walking on foot – The healthy alternative

Just as with a bicycle, you can also save a lot of money on foot. Sure, mostly you want to arrive quickly at your destination, but it is more convenient to plan a few more minutes and walk the way. A walk is not only a nice pastime but also an opportunity to do something for your well-being.

Walking as a healthy pastime

If you go for a walk, it doesn’t mean that you only have to listen to nature. During your walk you can not only listen to podcasts, audio books or music, you can also use your time to let your thoughts wander. This is much better on foot than driving a car, because you don’t have to be annoyed about other drivers. So it is not only a good way to spend your free time relaxing and saving money, but also to do something good for your health.

At least 10,000 steps a day

If you walk to work, for example, or simply like to go for a walk in your free time, you should make sure you take at least 10,000 steps. Of course 10.000 steps sound like a lot, but if you want to do something for your health and save money you should think about whether it is really so bad to take all these steps. Because those who walk a lot not only reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks but also of high blood pressure and diabetes.

Create and use carpools – Cheap and sociable

Many may still know it from school or from childhood excursions: carpooling. Carpooling is not only a good alternative to save money, as you can leave your own car behind, but also to spend a nice time with other people. So why not ask at work, school or university who has the same path as you and get to know your fellow human beings better while they also save money.

Carpooling to work, school or university

If there are colleagues at work who may have the same route to work it is a good idea to carpool. The same applies to the school or university. That doesn’t mean you’re going to be at the others‘ expense all the time. Here it is advisable to give perhaps some money for refueling or to offer the next time the own car for the carpool to use.

Car pools for longer distances

If you have a longer distance in front of you and there is nobody from your circle of acquaintances who drives the same distance, you don’t have to despair. Meanwhile there are also countless car-sharing agencies. Here you have the possibility to ride with strange people who drive the same route. However, this should by no means be viewed negatively. You not only have the chance to reach your goal at a reasonable price but also to meet new and interesting people.

use car sharing

Car sharing is not only absolutely practical but also a good way to save money. If you are not able to drive and need a car, a car sharing service is the perfect solution. These services offer the possibility to search and rent a car in the immediate vicinity by means of a certain app. This is a cheap alternative to taxi for example. You only pay about 0.29 Euro per minute. This will save you the cost that you might have paid for a taxi or the fuel in your own car.

With CarsharingVergleich we found a great overview, how expensive the tariffs of a Carsharing provider are. These are the average costs of a car sharing provider. Source: CarsharingComparison.

The flexible Car2Go tariffs:

  • per minute (in motion): 0,29€
  • per minute (without movement): 0,19€
  • per hour (in motion): 14,90€
  • per day (if cost of parking and driving exceed 59€ on one day): 59€

Compare fuel prices – Where to buy the cheapest fuel?

Who owns a car must refuel understandably also. Here it is advisable, if one compares the prices for the fuel at different gas stations. This does not mean that you have to drive from petrol station to petrol station all the time to compare prices. In the meantime, there are also apps for smartphones with which you can compare diesel and petrol prices at nearby petrol stations. If you want to achieve a good savings rate, you should compare the prices before filling up and only fill up your car if the price is favourable.

Use certain times for refuelling – Use the correct time of day and clock

Just as important as comparing fuel prices, it is also helpful to only refuel at certain times. The day of the week does not play a role here, but the time does. The lowest prices for fuel are in the late afternoon, between 18 and 20 o’clock. You should also avoid filling up at the beginning of the holiday season. This has the reason that the fuel prices rise drastically at the beginning of the holidays. So if you want to fill up your car for a cheap holiday, it is best to do so one week before the start of the school holidays.

keep your car tidy and reduce your fuel consumption

It is not only visually more appealing but also cheaper when the car is tidy. This has the reason that the fuel consumption is higher the heavier the load of the car is. So if you want to save money you should clean up your car more often in the future to reduce fuel consumption.

  • A tidy car is visually more appealing
  • The heavier the load, the higher the fuel consumption
  • Ergo: The less unnecessary ballast you transport, the less fuel you consume


If you maintain your car regularly you can save a lot of money. This is because regular maintenance extends the life of the vehicle. Of course one thinks now that this is far too far into the future thought however one should consider that a new vehicle always costs a lot of money. If you extend the service life of your vehicle by regular maintenance, you will save unnecessary repair costs that could be incurred if you have the car checked through too irregularly. In summary: If you want to save the costs for the purchase of a new car, you should maintain your current car regularly.

  • Prolongation of vehicle life
  • Accidental repair costs can be prevented by regular maintenance

Compare car workshop

Those who stick to our tip and drive their vehicle regularly to the workshop for maintenance can also save a lot of money there. It is advisable to compare the prices of the car repair shop in your area if your own vehicle needs a repair in advance. If you have found a cheap garage that you trust, you can save a lot of money in the long run!

  • Get information from friends and acquaintances about their experiences with different garages
  • Check the Internet for good reviews from various workshops
  • Compare as many workshops as possible
  • Please pay attention to the price-performance ratio

Visit scrap yards – Find spare parts and real treasures

Do you need a spare part for your vehicle and the insurance does not cover the costs? Then don’t despair! Why don’t you stop by a junkyard? Many people certainly associate a scrap yard with negative things like dirt, garbage or a lot of disorder. What many people do not know, however, is that it is often possible to find suitable spare parts for the vehicle at favourable prices here. Maybe you will come across something else in your search that turns out to be a real treasure. So our tip: Why don’t you visit a scrap yard in your area and see for yourself what’s going on!

How to save money when washing your car

Everyone who owns a vehicle knows that it has to be washed regularly. The most convenient solution here is of course the car wash. However, this is not only quite expensive, but it only cleans the car from the outside. So if you want to save money you should consider washing your car yourself. Of course this involves more work than simply driving the car in the car wash. However, this not only gives you the opportunity to clean the car from the outside, but also to vacuum and wipe the interior.

Replace your tires yourself and save

Not only those who wash their car themselves can save money, but also those who change the tyres on their car themselves can ultimately save a lot of money. Changing the tyres is often quite easy and can be done within a few minutes. However, if you have any doubts, it is advisable to leave the changing of the tyres to a specialist. This costs more than changing the tires on your own, but it could also be the case if you change the tires on your own. This would ultimately make it more expensive to change the tyres yourself, as you would now have to bear the cost of the repair. So only change the tyres of your car if you are 100% sure.

  • cheaper than having the specialist change the tyres
  • Only do it if you are really sure
  • Do not let an expert do it if you are unsure!

Buy used cars – functional and inexpensive

When it is time to buy a new vehicle , many people want a new car . However, these have some disadvantages. Not only does the vehicle lose 15-20% in value when purchased from a car dealer, but the price-performance ratio of a used car is also much better. Many people think of a used car as an old, brittle car that is susceptible to repair and that you don’t know if it will start the next day. But that was once. Nowadays there are an infinite number of used cars at different prices. So with a used car you not only have a better price-performance ratio but you can also save a lot of capital and still have a functional car.

  • A new car loses 15-20% in value when it is bought for the first time
  • Used cars have a better price-performance ratio
  • Save with a used car some capital

Check your tyre pressure regularly and save your wallet

Those who regularly check their vehicle’s tyre pressure can save money by doing so. This is because a low air pressure not only increases fuel consumption, but also affects driving behaviour and the tyres wear out more quickly. If the tyre pressure is too low, this can increase fuel consumption by up to 10%.

Clean the car’s air filter and increase performance

If the air filter of the car is dirty, there is a risk that the engine will be supplied with less air. This reduces the performance of the vehicle, which results in an increase in the cost of fuel for you. Those who regularly clean the air filter of their vehicle can thus save a lot of money.

  • The cleaned air filter supplies the engine with more air again
  • This increases the performance of the vehicle again
  • Thanks to the increased power less fuel has to be consumed
  • When less fuel is used you pay less for new fuel

Use electric vehicles – environmentally friendly and cheaper in the long term

Who lives environmentally conscious does not only do something good for his purse, but also for his environment. For this reason, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. They are not only environmentally friendly, as you don’t fill them with fuel like normal vehicles, but with electricity, but cheaper in the long run. This is due to the fact that not only the total price of the vehicle decreases but also the batteries last longer.

  • Vehicles with rechargeable batteries
  • Get charged or refueled with electricity via public sockets
  • Battery shocks usually cause less CO2 emissions due to the battery

Use the air conditioning in the car only if it is really necessary

Remember that anything that consumes electricity has a negative effect on fuel consumption. This also includes the air conditioning system. So if it is not exactly midsummer and absolutely necessary that the air conditioner is used, it is recommended to switch off the air conditioner. Why don’t you open the windows instead? So you don’t only cool down the inside of the car but also let fresh air in. This also reduces the chance of getting a headache due to the air conditioning being too cold.