Save money in everyday life: 14 tips on investing money

Nowadays many things become more and more expensive. For this reason, it is important to know how to really save money and where it is really worth it. You don’t always have to create a certain plan to save money. Even small changes in everyday life such as using other light bulbs, using trainee services or other things can already help a lot to minimize spending.

Use the services of apprentices

Unlike students, trainees have to gain experience in a company directly during their apprenticeship. This has advantages not only for the trainees themselves, but also for the users of certain services. A typical example is the hairdresser. Here the trainees are also allowed to work on the customer themselves, whereby the work is often not yet perfect, but the price is also lower than usual.

Use advantages of groups of people

Everyone belongs to a certain group of people, but not all of them have financial advantages. In most cases, pupils, students or trainees in particular have financial advantages because they belong to a group of people who often do not have too much money. For this reason, there are certain offers for these groups of people which can save them a lot of money. This includes, for example, the use of public transport, visits to the cinema or other services. But senior citizens can also benefit from certain offers.

  • Discounts and offers for different groups
  • For example students, pupils, seniors and families

A good dental hygiene pays off – saving through healthy teeth

Every child knows that you should brush your teeth thoroughly and regularly to avoid tooth decay and other problems. This has not only to help the reason of the own health, but also that one saves a lot of costs for the future. Those who do not care for their teeth well or at all will sooner or later have to pay a lot of money for a treatment that could have been avoided if they had thoroughly taken care of their dental hygiene.

  • Through regular visits to the dentist your teeth remain healthy
  • Dentist visits are partly covered by the health insurance
  • If you ever have problems you get discounts due to regular visits

get rid of trucks and save money in a sensible way

It is no secret that vices like cigarettes or alcohol can become quite expensive over time. Often one falls back on parties or to reduce stress to cigarettes or alcohol. Those who do this now and then while celebrating shouldn’t have too much trouble keeping their finances under control. But if you do it to reduce your stress or for any other reason you should think about finding an alternative. Not only does this save a large sum of money, but it also helps your health.

Casinos and gambling – No luck with the money

It is not without reason that casinos and gambling make in the year with the largest sales. This is because the offers and promises are far too tempting. Of course there is also the possibility to draw a profit from these games, but the probability is so small that it is anything but gentle on your wallet if you regularly spend money on these games. So save your money by looking for a cheaper hobby and maybe just spending money on such games from time to time.

Living Healthier – For Health and the Purse

Anyone who leads a healthy lifestyle has a number of advantages. It is not only important to lead a healthy lifestyle to do something for your health, but also to minimize your expenses. The reason for this is that a healthy lifestyle will save on medical expenses in the future. So if you live a healthy life, you are not only doing something good for yourself and your body, but also for your wallet.

  • Incident medical issues are reduced
  • Good for health

use mobile phone’s flight mode and save battery

Nowadays it is common that mobile phones are always and everywhere. Due to constant use, they quickly lose battery power and need to be recharged frequently. Understandably, this increases electricity costs. But if you want to minimize your costs, you can do this simply by having your mobile phone in flight mode. As a result, the phone loses less battery power during the day and therefore does not need to be charged as often.

  • Uses less battery
  • If less battery is used you will have to charge the phone less often
  • Thanks to the less frequent recharging you have to pay less electricity

Use alternatives to vacuum cleaner if possible

Of course it is easier to plug the plug into the socket and start vacuuming. However, it makes more sense if it is possible to reach for a mop or broom. If you have a carpet, you should understandably continue to use your vacuum cleaner. However, if you have tiles, wood or similar floor coverings, you should consider whether it really makes sense to use the vacuum cleaner. A mop or broom can be as efficient as a vacuum cleaner and do not consume any electricity.

Install programmable thermostats

It is not uncommon to have a smart home in today’s digital age. This not only increases the quality of life and living but also helps to save energy efficiently. The versatile functions also include the installation of a programmable thermostat. These have the function to be set so that you can determine when the heating warms up and when it cools down again. So you have the possibility to set the thermostat so that the room is only heated if you are in it and if you are not in the room it is not heated. Thus one does not only live more environmentally consciously but saves also a quantity at electricity costs.

Advantages of a programmable thermostat

  • Setting when the heater warms up and when it cools down
  • Specific times can be defined for it
  • Heating costs decrease thereby

Switch off heater if you do not have a Smart Home

However, those who do not own a Smart Home and do not want it can still minimize their electricity costs. Simply switch off the heating in the rooms in which you are not at this time anyway. Although this does not happen automatically as with a programmable thermostat, it still has the same effect on electricity costs.

Switch off the light – Lower your energy consumption

As with heating, a Smart Home can be used to set when a light in your home switches on and when it switches off. Of course, you can also determine this manually yourself. Just switch off the lights in the rooms you are not in as well as the heating. This will reduce your energy consumption enormously and also do something good for the environment.

Use of LED energy saving lamps

Although LED lamps are much more expensive than conventional light bulbs, you will soon notice that the purchase of these lamps pays off. The energy-saving lamps do not produce much light when switched on, but the brightness builds up within a very short time. Thus these lamps have a clearly lower energy consumption. Due to the lower energy consumption of these lamps, you pay much less for electricity at the end of the month than if you were still using conventional light bulbs.

  • Use longer to become light
  • but they have a lower energy consumption
  • Decreases electricity costs

Do not dry garments in a tumble dryer

If you have a tumble dryer, you don’t want to miss out on the luxury of simply putting the freshly washed laundry in the tumble dryer and then storing the dried laundry in the cupboard. However, it is not very environmentally friendly and certainly not cheap to use the tumble dryer at every opportunity.

A low-cost alternative to the dryer

A cheap alternative to this would be a clothes horse on which the laundry can dry in the fresh air or also in the room. Although this involves more work if you have to hang the laundry manually on a clothes horse, it saves you unnecessary energy costs and also ensures that the laundry can be worn for longer.

Switch off electronic devices and disconnect them from the power

Many devices also have the function to be in stand-by mode. This facilitates the use due to the possibility to use the devices faster, but these devices also contribute a large part to an increased electricity bill. Usually electronic devices switch themselves off when you switch them off, but many devices have a standby mode in which they switch themselves off automatically when you actually want to switch off the device. To avoid this, it is important that the electronic devices are disconnected from the power supply. It is also important to switch off all electrical appliances when you leave the house or when they are not in use. Thus one can minimize the electricity costs around some.

  • When switching off devices often go into standby mode
  • Standby mode consumes a lot of power even without using the device
  • So really switch off all devices
  • If you are unsure disconnect your devices from the power